If you need guidance for adoptive parenting, your hope is tied to the way you connect and learn with others in your community. That’s where we’re headed together in this 3-month Adoptive Parenting Consultation Group.

Become the parent you promised to be.

Opened the door to a whole new way of looking at transracial adoption for me.” -Community Participant

This workshop has made me more mindful as an adoptive parent to what our son may experience as he gets older and more mindful of how I can prepare myself as the one who gets to walk alongside of him.” -Community Participant

Half the battle is finding constructive ways to talk about hard things. This workshop has provided just that. We are so grateful for this unique & gracious context!” -Community Participant

The #1 Challenge.

Most adoptive parents simply want the best for their children. But the daily process can leave them feeling overwhelmed or confused. Afraid they’ll get it wrong or maybe even make the same mistakes their parents did. Leading their child to put their trust in others to meet adoptee-related needs.

It’s not because they’re bad parents! It’s because they’re not equipped with the right language and tools.

That’s why I created the Adoptive Parenting Consultation Group (previously known as Campfire Workshop).

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How It Works

I know your commitment as a parent is non-stop.

I’m here to help you do your parenting job the best you can while feeling deeply refreshed, convicted, and empowered along the way. You do so much for your family! That's why I take this time to restock your resources and refuel your energy.

This space is for you if you’re:

  • Not sure how to respond to your child’s emotions and behaviors…

  • Confused about questions your child has been asking recently…

  • Navigating new dimensions related to your child’s life stage…

  • Not connecting with your child the way they need you to…

  • Open to a different adoptive parenting approach but want to get it right…

Here’s what you get   when you join the Adoptive Parenting Consultation Group:

  • A THREE MONTH journey of weekly 60-minute sessions over Zoom (choose to observe or present your questions, receiving live coaching and constructive feedback from adoptee and therapist Cam Lee Small, MS, LPCC, along with fellow members of the group.

  • Instant download of Cam’s four-part workbook for adoptees, “This Is Why I Was Adopted”

  • Immediate access to Cam’s online-course “10 Parenting Strategies to Help Adoptees Navigate Race & Culture” [ten video modules paired with an interactive discussion guide]

  • Clarify your parenting skills through a 12-week series of adoption-related themes and learning modules [meet virtually and weekly 12 times; with resources to engage in between sessions]

  • Cam draws from his role as an alum and consultant for University of Minnesota’s Center for Advanced Studies in Child Welfare to help you review and discuss core concepts you need to support your child and family

  • Create a 5-part support plan that will support your adoptee wherever they’re at in their journey; for this season and far beyond

  • Do all this from the comfort of your living room

  • Can’t attend each meeting in person? Live recordings sent to your inbox, available to watch for 6 months

What’s said here stays here. What’s learned here leaves here.

You’ll find yourself among peers in this 3-month deep dive as we intelligently and compassionately address practical needs related to caring for a child on the adoption and permanency spectrum.

Comparable consultation can be priced at $200 per session or more. But for parents willing to connect and grow together, I’m offering a unique opportunity: only $65 per session

Here’s what folks from my adoptive parenting community have learned from our time together.

Parent Supported

“The learning itself is invaluable, but the cohort model of learning with a group of fellow adoptive parents is really incredible.” -Community Participant

"The framework Cam teaches will absolutely change the trajectory of our family." -Community Participant

“All of it has been valuable and really well thought out. The variety of personal stories, dramatic representations and clinical insights is really well rounded.” -Community Participant

“I’ve enjoyed the atmosphere of non-judgement while we are all learning together. That all of us are at different stages but all relate to the immense learning we all have to do to support our kids.” -Community Participant

"We really appreciated specific ideas and information on how to really engage in the parenting model. We are seeing massive changes in our home already!" -Community Participant

Meet Cam

Cam’s work has been featured in National Council for Adoption, Christianity Today, University Minnesota School of Social Work, and Center for Adoption Support and Education.

Paired with his clinical practice, Cam serves as a training facilitator for the accredited Permanency and Adoption Competency Certificate, a leading post-Master’s curriculum shaping adoption competencies for over 1800 professional graduates nationwide.

His book The Adoptee’s Journey: From Loss and Trauma to Healing and Empowerment (forthcoming through InterVarsity Press June 2024) will address the intersection of adoption, mental health, and social justice.

Cam’s personal experience as an international adoptee from Korea informs and inspires his current professional work. He formed his own private practice, Therapy Redeemed, in 2018 to raise awareness and respond to the mental health needs of adoptees and their families wherever they may be in their adoption journey. Cam’s worldwide vision for adoptee-centered advocacy is evident through his 1:1 counseling services, live workshops and support groups, Masterclass trainings, and his unique blend of content creation and collaboration across diverse media channels. Cam's personal insight stands honestly next to his professional acumen, making him a transformative force within the adoptee community and throughout the fields of advocacy and mental health.

Personal & Professional

"In the classroom he blends a depth of clinical experience with firsthand perspective to draw meaningful connections between mental health and the lived experience of adoptees in a way that is applicable and engaging." -Elizabeth Keely Vandre, MSW, LGSW | University of Minnesota Center for Advanced Studies in Child Welfare

Community Sharpened Together

“One of the biggest take aways for us is the tools for how to serve our son! We are practicing each day and he is constantly showing affection and coming to us to initiate conversations that he used to just keep inside. This training is such a gift to our family!” -Community Participant

Adoption isn’t a one-time event.

Your child’s post-adoption support shouldn’t be either.

The Adoptive Parenting Consultation Group is a fellowship of real people, committed to real and lasting growth, not just for themselves but for each other, their growing families and those growing within them, and for the dynamic needs in their local communities to which they’ve been called to see and serve.

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